the gas safe registerThe laws and the constitution are necessary to run a country and maintain order. Regulation of various professions are also necessary. This is what guarantees competence in different professions. In the world of gas supply  the Gas Safe Register provides the regulations. This is the body responsible for registering and monitoring all gas engineers in the UK. It is purely non-profit making. They ensure safety and health of all UK people who use gas in their homes and business premises.

Gas safe register records the names of businesses and individuals which are registered to handle gas services. That is of course after examination and evaluation to ensure competence. People who can safely work on cookers, boilers, fires and gas appliances. The law requires that everybody who calls himself/herself a gas engineer to be registered under the Gas Safe Register. That is to say that if you are in need of gas services, ensure that you check this list. If the engineer is nowhere to be found do not employ them to work in your home and report them to the Gas Safe Register without delay.

The Role of the Gas Safe Register

In general, the Gas Safe Register is there to ensure safe gas supply to all UK clients. The public could be served by unsafe gas works. This body helps to protect them from such. This is through several roles as listed.

Tracking illegal gas workers – the main aim is to bring all expert gas engineers into one body. After training, you will have to convince this body that you are competent and skilled enough to join the existing gas engineers. If you don’t pass the test, then you are not listed as one of the experts. UK residents have an easy time selecting the gas engineers who can safely handle gas issues by checking the list. Those operating illegally are then tracked down through national investigations and proper actions taken against them.

Creating awareness – it is easy to manipulate ignorant gas consumers. Gas Safe Register helps educate UK people with regard to safe gas works. Knowledgeable people are hard to deceive.

Regular personnel inspections–even after incorporation to be a member of the Gas Safe Register, that’s not all. You will have to keep learning and gaining skills if you are to maintain the position and progress. Gas engineers who are detected to be incompetent are withdrawn from the list.

Always Check the Gas Safe Register

Remember to countercheck the name of the gas engineer against the Gas Safe Register the next time you are in need of gas services. It could be a damaged boiler, malfunctioning cooker or any other gas related issue, engineers who offer to repair or maintain gas appliances in your home must be registered Gas Safe!

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