Most of the time, life is a routine doing the same thing over and over again. You wake up and go to work or school. Holidays and weekends are put there to break up the monotony and give you a break. In the UK, we’re never short of exciting destinations where you can spend the holiday time in style. Milton Keynes is a newish town, what most people don’t know is that it’s only been around for for 5 decades. It’s surprising to see hoe many points of interests already attract people from all over the UK. See some of my favorites below;

Milton Keynes Museum – Great Day Out With The Kids

This is the place where the bulk of Milton Keynes history is preserved. If you visit you must see the herd of concrete cows. There’s an ongoing joke with us locals that if you don’t get to see the cows, then you haven’t been to Milton Keynes. The cows have been around since 1978 courtesy of Liz Leyh, a Canadian artist. They are now very special sculptures, three mother cows together with its 3 smaller calves all painted black and white. They were made out of scrap and covered
by concrete skins reinforced in fiber glass. Make sure you carry your camera and take a selfie, or I won’t believe you’ve been.

Are You More Of A Sporting Family?

If you’re into your sports, you’ve hit the jackpot with Milton Keynes, we have many venues, my favorites are our MK Dons Stadium, watersports at Willen Lake, skiing at Snozone, Towcester racecourse and of course Silvestone for the F1 fans amoungst us. Activities are available all year round and with some of the finest indoor activities you don’t have to let the weather forecast spoil your holiday.

Gullivers land

If you have your family with you, make this venue destination number one. Numerous attractions are hosted here including exciting shows, rides and so on. It is a theme park suitable for young kids of age ranging 2 – 13 years. Prices are affordable with free parking inside the park.

Town parks

In most towns, concrete structures seem to be taking over. In Milton Keynes however, green overshadows the concrete. All you see around is majorly natural plants inside the town. The woodlands and parks present nice places to relax. Emberton Country Park near Olney is a theme park to visit with the kids.

More great things about Milton Keynes